An Easter Message!

I hope everyone enjoys the Easter break – time with your family and time at the Easter Services.
Today I had the pleasure of reading the following story from Euan in 3B – I encourage you to take the time to read it. 
The Box
Once in a Village far away in the outback lived three brothers. Their names were Euan (he liked being called his nickname “ue”), Ethan (a person with good humour but not at serious times) and Edward (a nice guy who gets bullied but not by his brothers).

This is one of Euan’s secrets (he found a box).

This is one of Ethan’s secrets (he found out Euan’s secret about the box because he looked under Euan’s bed).

This is one of Edward’s secrets (Ethan told about the box how he heard the noises from inside and told him not to tell anyone about it).

Then one day Ethan opened it and then hid it under his bed before school.

When they got home Euan shouted, “WHERE’S MY BOX?”

Then Ethan said, “It’s under my bed and when I opened it there was everything you could want.”

Then Edward guessed, “Gold?”

Then Euan guessed, “Jewellery?”

Then Edward guessed again, “Silver Money?”

Ethan then replied, “No, no, no, no.”

Then Edward asked, “What is it then?”

Ethan explained it just by saying this, “God.”