Faith & Mission

Catholic World View

The Diocesan Catholic World View statement seeks to express our Catholic lens we use to view our world.

The Diocesan, Catholic World View statement seeks to integrate a deep sense of Catholic faith into the everyday life of all members of Holy Cross School Community. Holy Cross continues to integrate these beliefs and values through constant reflection and dialogue. This is made real through newsletter reflections, the Pastoral Care Policy, school values, weekly assemblies, regular Masses, Liturgies and prayer.

As people striving to become Christian disciples, as stated in the Vision Statement, we look to build the children’s understanding and respect for others in their many different situations. From this base of respect, the staff looks to build empathy and compassion.

Parents are very supportive of school Liturgies and take on leadership roles in the Parish in areas such as Sacramental Programs, teaching Children’s Liturgy at Sunday evening Mass and involvement in the Parish Pastoral Council.