Holy Cross Catholic School Achieves Success at Band Fest

Success for Our School Band at Central Coast Band Fest

The Holy Cross Catholic School Bands and their conductors who did amazingly well at the Central Coast Band Fest at Mingara Leisure Centre on Sunday 28 October 2018.  Our Training Band (first year band musicians) received a Bronze award for their performance and our Concert Band (students who have been in the School Band for more than a year) received a Gold award for their performance on the day.

Congratulations to our amazing Training Band members: Maddie H (flute), Fin C (trumpet),  Liam K (saxophone), and Sophie M (saxophone) and also to our wonderful Concert Band members: Ava M (clarinet), Tyrone S (trumpet), Jesse K (trombone), Harry M (baritone), Raphael B (drums) and Jack B (drums).

Both of our bands had their moment on stage to perform their prepared pieces.  The Training Band performed as an ensemble of training bands from a couple of other schools and managed to perform at a high standard despite never having rehearsed together, and were awarded with a bronze award. The Concert Band performed with their conductor Dave and produced a gold award-winning performance, which was most unexpected given their small size.

Ava M also was invited to perform as part of the Superband in the grand finale.

Many thanks go to the teaching staff from the Central Coast Conservatorium of Music for their dedication and skill in teaching our young musicians throughout the year to achieve this success.