Liam earns an Outstanding Sports Achievement Award

Liam wrote the following about his experience:

I was lucky enough to be selected for the Polding teams this year for both cricket and AFL after successfully being selected in the Broken Bay Trials. I was excited to be selected in these Polding Teams as I have worked really hard in preparation as these are my two favourite sports.

In may 2017 I travelled to Parkes to compete in the NSW PSSA AFL Championships. It was an awesome experience to be part of the Polding Team. It was great to meet and play with boys from across NSW. My most impressive moment was playing AFL at such a high standard and on a ground as big as the MCG!

In November 2017 I travelled to Orange to compete in the NSW PSSA Cricket Championships. I was excited to play four days of cricket on turf and was honoured to be chosen to open the batting. I had never played on a turf wicket before.

The sportsperson I most admire is Steve Smith because he is persistent and never gives up. This has motivated me to do the same and I spend most weeknights at some type of training both in Summer and Winter.

I love playing any sport because I love to be outdoors with my friends. I enjoy team sports more than solo sports as I have fun playing with friends and learning new skills.