It is always great to see students enthusiastically engaged in learning activities. On Friday last week the students in 4B were introduced to an activity called four fours.  Mrs Bayliss and Mrs Starr challenged to students to use the numeral 4 in an equation four times to equal a range of answers. As you can see in the photos (on the link below) they were able to find solutions for a range of numbers, including some prime numbers which are quite difficult. The students even introduced me to a new term – factorials (you will see this in their work represented by an exclamation mark).  If, like me, you’ve never heard of this term just ask a student from 4B for an explanation.  You can see the depth of engagement and learning from this one activity in the student reflections; my favourite comment by far is the number of students stating how much fun they had during this lesson.  Click here to view some examples of their work (the pink numeral is the target answer and the other colours are equations recorded by individual students).