Mini Vinnie’s Sleepout

Mini-Vinnies Winter Sleepout

On Friday 6th September, some of our school’s Mini-Vinnies took part in a winter sleepout at Our Lady Of The Rosary Catholic Primary School, Wyoming. We joined Mini-Vinnies students from several other local Catholic schools to raise awareness for homelessness in Australia.  We did many activities including what to pack in your bag if you have 5 mins to get away from wherever you are.     

At the Winter sleepout we began with some warm-up games. After that we listened to some guest speakers from St Vincent de Paul…they talked about the importance of being a Vinnies volunteer and what they do. They also said that socks are really good to donate (which I hadn’t thought about before, but it makes sense now).

After listening to the guest speakers we watched a cartoon of a family who experienced homelessness but then Vinnies helped them. We also did three activities: making cards, solving problems and deciding what we would take if we became homeless.

Once the activities were done we had a soup-kitchen dinner. We had the choice between pumpkin soup or chicken soup with bread. After dinner, we went and had our sleepout. We found the best spot ever which was roomy and surprisingly comfortable but then we had to move but it was okay because it was part of the experience.

After the sleepout (someone had actually fallen asleep) we had a liturgy where we reflected on the night and were asked to really think about our role and how we can make a difference in the lives of others.

This is a good time to remind everyone that Vinnies helps over half a million people each year, and every night in Australia there are approximately 116 000 homeless people. Please dig deep for our Winter Appeal because together we can have…Power over Poverty!

Lachlan and Nathaniel