Mystery Nest Appears at Holy Cross Catholic School


On Monday 24th July 2017 as the students returned from their weekend they discovered a huge nest on the school playground at Holy Cross Catholic School. A trail of leaves and branches led back towards the bush behind our school leading us to surmise that some creature had dragged it out from there. We roped off the area so that we could look but not touch and to respect the nest as it deserved.

As the week progressed two large eggs appeared in the nest along with piles of a fur- like material and feathers. On Thursday morning we arrived at school to find the eggs had cracked but still no creatures were evident! Theories continued to grow with great ferocity.  

The mystery nest has enthralled us all week and has led to numerous creature sightings in the bushes, much discussion and, most importantly, some brilliant writing and research as children have attempted to get to the bottom of the mystery. Students have written news reports, research notes, descriptions, recounts and many other writing pieces as they shared the experience with their families and each other.

On Thursday morning a park ranger took the nest away to examine and return it to the bush. Our playground will return to normal but we will always wonder about the creatures that were a part of our school life for a week.

Click here to view some photos of the mystery nest.

Also click here to view some samples of student writing that were inspired by the nest.