National Go Fishing Day Competition Winners from Holy Cross Kincumber

Go Fishing Competition Winners

We had three of our current and past students win a spot for a day of fishing with a professional competition Bream angler in Sydney for National Go Fishing Day on Sunday 14 October 2018.

Will S (Year 3), Kobi C-S (Year 6) and Mekhi C-S (Year 7), who are all members of our school fishing club, entered the competition during the holidays.  Only ten children State wide won spots in the competition (which means Holy Cross Fishing Club won 30% of the prize pool). All three boys and their fathers had an amazing day on the water (despite the terrible weather) fishing Botany Bay and The Georges River, and learnt many new skills and won lots of prizes.

Will caught the second and third largest Bream in the competition and Kobi and Mekhi caught the most fish of anyone in the competition and also the most different species of fish on the day.  Scroll below to read Kobi and Will’s recounts of their experience. Also click on the link at the bottom of this page if you have a Facebook account to see their interview from the Department of Primary Industries Facebook site.


Fishing Competition

By Kobi C-S Year 6

My brother and I won a competition to go to Botany Bay to fish with pro-fisherman so that’s what I did. Our instructors were very helpful in teaching me how to do lure fishing. My first cast was great. I found the ‘hopping’ method to be the most successful. 10 minutes later Scott hooked up to a Trevally so I knew it was going to be a great day. He pulled it in and it was 40cm long.

During the four hours I got one 40cm Whiting and 3 Flathead (41cm, 43cm and 59cm), I thought that was good for my first ever Flathead. My brother caught two Trevally and one Flathead. My dad caught two Trevally and Scott [the instructor] caught 1 Pike, two 30cm Flathead and a Trevally so just like I thought – we got lots of fish.

After that we headed back in for the weigh-in.  We found out that we had the most fish and the most species but not the biggest Flathead, someone caught an 80cm Flathead – yes that is very big but all the fish were weighed and released alive.

After such an amazing experience we got interviewed and had a presentation – my brother Mekhi and I got 2 rods each and the lures that we caught all the fish on and that just wrapped up a great experience.


Gone Fishing  Day 2018

by Will S (Year 3)

I entered a competition for going fishing in Botany Bay and I won a spot with 9 other children including Meiki and Kobi C-S to go on a boat with a professional fisherman and professional fishing gear.

On the boat we caught 9 bream and 3 flathead. My biggest fish weighed 1.175k.g. I came 2nd and 3rd for catching the biggest fish. I also won a fishing rod, a tackle bag and reel. When we came in to shore, we got the fish out of the filters in the back of the boat and we brought them in a bag to weigh them.

It was the best day ever!

DPI Facebook Post interviewing Will, Kobi and Mekhi about their Go Fishing experience