Holy Cross Catholic School Fishing Club

Media Links

One of the best ways to learn about fishing is to listen to some of the radio programs and TV programs that air regularly. The radio programs (The Big Fish and the Outdoor and Fishing Show) can be downloaded as podcasts (or subscribe to these podcasts on your phone) to listen to at your leisure as you drive the car or have some spare time.

The Big Fish Radio Broadcast (Broadcast weekly on ABC Radio) The Outdoors and Fishing Show (Broadcast weekly on Radio Station 2GB) Holy Cross Fishing Club interview on The Big Fish Fishvember 2017 Interview on The Big Fish iFish TV Series Al McGlashan (Fishin' With Mates, Big Fish Small Boats and Strikezone TV) TV Series The Next Level TV Series Escape Fishing with ET TV Series Reel Action TV Series Fishing Australia TV Series