Public Speaking Showcase

Like most things this year, it looked a little different. We held 3 separate assemblies to showcase the top 5 speakers from each class. It was wonderful to see them present their speeches so confidently and everyone was impressed with the talent, skill, courage and preparation that these children displayed. Thank you to everyone who was able to come and support the children. The speeches were filmed and we are in the process of making these available for families to view.

Congratulations to our speakers:

Year 6: Chynna A, Amelia V, Charlotte H, Xander B, Poppy G, Lara R, Maigan W, Hamish P

Year 5: Cooper H, Leilua M, Chance R, James B, Brooke O, Isla B, Lauren T, Isaac W, Hugh W, Hugo W

Year 4: Grace P, Hannah C, Dylan B, Cleo G, Lola-Mae M, Brianna F, Cassidy B, Remi P, Macy F

Year 3: Freedie W, Ellisa H, Lillian M, Luisa G, Elijah R

Year 2: Jack S, Isla M, Kurtis J, Jacob J, Lilly B, Imogen R, Alicia F, Rosie G, Emerson C, Jessica B

Year 1: Jacob B, Kyla B, Lexi B, Elizabeth B, Grace B