Student Wellbeing

Family Liaison Officer

Family Liaison Officer

As of Term 2 2019 Holy Cross Kincumber is fortunate to now have the services of a Family Liaison Officer (FLO) Honor McGill.

Our FLO encourages and helps to provide opportunities for families to engage with their schools community by focussing on building capacity and skills for parents which enhance learning outcomes for children, cultivating a sense of wellbeing for all.

Working in conjunction with the schools staff, the FLO can also assist in maintaining contact with families through a difficult phase. Our FLO can provide information about support services and help provide referral to external agencies such as Catholic Care or other community and support organisations as required.

In addition our FLO offers Parent Education sessions and social workshops to encourage community engagement.

How can the FLO help me?

Quite often parents will talk with the FLO about issues such as:

  • Helping students/families with transition to BIG school
  • How parents can be involved at school and support their child’s learning; “Parent Engagement”
  • Family illness
  • Family breakdown
  • Behavioural concerns  with children
  • Resources to support student’s educational and emotional wellbeing.

Parent education workshops and groups are also organised by our FLO in conjunction with the parent education team from the Catholic Schools Office, and include the facilitation of programs such as:·


  • 123 Magic & Emotion Coaching – Providing strategies that promote positive behaviour in children.
  • The Resilient Child – Developing mental health fitness in children.

FLO Availability

Honor McGill is available at Holy Cross 1 day a fortnight predominantly (Wednesdays).
Appointments are not necessary, just call into the office.
Anything discussed with our FLO is always treated with the utmost confidence and respect.

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