Training Band Performance

This week our Training Band gave their premiere performance for an enthusiastic audience of Year 2 children and teachers. Under the expert guidance of their conductor Kevin (from the Conservatorium), they performed several of the pieces they’ve been learning over the year.

Highlights included seeing children in the audience recognise several songs and sing along (see ‘Frere Jacques’ video below), witnessing the impressive developing skill of our small band of musicians who performed classic pieces such as Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’ and Haydn’s ‘Surprise Symphony’ in harmony & canon and experiencing the epic grand finale number ‘Stadium Rock’ (an arrangement of Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’) where the audience all joined in with a stamp/stamp/clap! (see video at the bottom of the post)


Well done to our Musicians-in-Training: Jamie & Maddie on flute, Liam & Sophie on saxophone, and Finley on trumpet, who are all looking forward to graduating up to Concert Band next year. Year 2 will have the opportunity to learn an instrument through the Conservatorium and join the Training Band next year… stay tuned! 🎶

Frere Jacques Stadium Rock