Victory of the Cross Feast Day

Today is our Holy Cross School Feast Day – albeit under very unique circumstances!

This day serves as a commemoration of the cross used during the Crucifixion of Jesus and the everlasting symbol of faith it represents. The Sign of the Cross shows our willingness to follow Jesus and our joy at being part of his family.

It is traditionally a day here at Holy Cross, where the Year 6 cohort organise activities that involve the whole school community. As you are aware, on four afternoons this week (Monday-Thursday) there are some activities that have been created by our Year 6 Committees that your child/ren can take part in. If possible, please send through some photos of your participation in these to your child/ren’s class teacher.

We thought that it would be a great day to share our Liturgical Committee’s Interviews with our Parishioners (filmed pre-COVID) – where they speak about their journeys of faith. We thank them for their time, as we remember and reflect on the significance of the Holy Cross in our lives.

HCK Interview With Parishioners