Wakakirri 2018 Wrap-Up

Waka Wrap-Up

Well the curtain has closed, the eyeliner has been removed, the hairspray washed out and the light sabers switched off. Our Wakakirri experience has been epic and fulfilling and is over for this season. So it’s time for one last wrap-up…


When the children performed ‘Malala: A Fight for Rights’ at Riverside Theatre in Parramatta they received a number of awards. On the night our school was awarded ‘Best Minimal use of Sets, Props & Costumes’ and also the prestigious ‘Spirit of Wakakirri’ award. We also received a number of other awards recognising the specific strengths of our performance (these were announced later on the Wakakirri website):

Excellent lead cast

Excellent ensemble

Well-rehearsed performance

Excellent group acting

Excellent theme/concept


…and then a very special Story Award for ‘Best Drama’ – this is the award that saw us progress through to the ‘Awards Night’.


We then progressed to performed at Quay Centre at Homebush on the awards evening, where we once again received the ‘Spirit of Wakakirri’ award. This was a bit of a daunting experience because the venue is huge and quite cavernous. There was a risk our little cast of 37 children would get ‘lost’ on such a stage (some schools had 100 performers!). But, like true professionals, they acknowledged this challenge and rose to meet it with tremendous energy.


Holy Cross has received so much wonderful feedback from the judges and also the professional crew and organisers of the national competition. They have not only praised our performance but also our children – their teamwork, manners, respect and professionalism. Panel member, Wayne Scott Kermond, said: A very inspiring, poignant and moving piece, the performance from the lead and ensemble cast showed strong dramatic commitment, very well constructed and directed…Loved the choice of songs for the music score, this was an outstanding and emotional performance.


I could not be prouder of our students and the way they have worked hard and passionately to deliver such an important message through their performance. I have LOVED working with this beautiful team of talented children!!


Some very specific thank yous…Mrs Amy Field for taking on the huge role of lighting design and being with us on both days (both very looong days). Natalie Judd for making those beautiful skirts and our very important face mask prop. Kylie Marks for coming in before we headed off both days to braid hair (lots and lots of hair!). Mrs Cheryl Jones for being with us at the Quay Centre and also helping with hair. Mrs Narelle Jones for her help with administration of or entry.  Andrew McCrae for giving up his time to take photos of our rehearsal and school performance.


A big thank you also to all the parents, teachers and members of our school community who travelled to Sydney for both performances to support our students as they had their moment in the spotlight.


We are posting many photos for you to look at. There is a combination of my ‘happy snaps’ (I am NO photographer!), some wonderful rehearsal shots courtesy of Andrew McCrae and also a number of the professional photos taken at Riverside Theatre. There are plenty there to give you a great view of the experience and performance. Enjoy!


Mrs Elizabeth Herd

Wakakirri Coordinator