Worry Woos

The students in the Infants Classes have been a part of a pilot program called Worry Woos this term.  The Worry Woos program is designed around a number of characters that exhibit many of the worries that children experience in their lives.  The books that were written for the program teach the children how to deal with their worries so that the “Worry Bug” does not control their lives. Yesterday we had a visit from Dr John Irvine, the creator of the Worry Woos program who was impressed with the knowledge the students gained from their participation.


Some of our Kindergarten students wrote reflections on the program:

“I like Wince because he never gives up. The Worry Bug was getting smaller” (Alannah – Kindergarten)

“When Wince worries the Worry Bug gets more bigger and the odd thing is Wince doesn’t worry any more” (Darcy – Kindergarten)

“I like Zelly because I like the stuff (the ideas) that it gives me when I have those feelings” (Zoe – Kindergarten)

“My favourite character is Wince and the Worry Bug and Wince is thinking the Worry Bug is trying to win” (Rosie – Kindergarten)


One of our teachers was also very pleased with the benefit of the program for our students:

The first day that we started the Worry Woos program, happened to be the day when we  discovered a snake in the classroom. This was quite upsetting  for some of the children so our first lesson on feeling worried and anxious came at a very good time! With the children being so young and having limited life experience, there were certain feelings that they could express and relate to more than others. The addition of the soft toys that come with the program are a lovely touch and the children loved each new ‘monster’ that comes with each feeling. These toys seem to give more meaning to each character. I feel the program is beneficial in helping children understand the importance of talking about their feelings, knowing they are not alone in feeling the way they do, and understanding that there are things we can do to help us feel better in some of these difficult moments.