Student Wellbeing

Student Leadership

Student Representative Council

The student representative council meets regularly giving the students the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to school life by voicing their ideas. SRC representatives are required to speak with their classes about any issues that the class feels needs to be raised within the school. Their ideas, once discussed amongst the SRC group, are then presented to the school leadership team to be considered for implementation in the school. This collaborative approach allows the students to develop a sense of ownership of the school.

Leadership Teams

At Holy Cross we have 6 student leadership committees. These committees include: Ambassadorial, Technology, PDHPE, Mission, Environmental and Wellbeing. Students in Year 5 at the end of a year apply for a particular committee, present a presentation and then are voted in by their peers. These students are then presented with leadership badges at the start of Year 6.

Each committee meets regularly with a designated teacher to plan activities to work on throughout the year.

Buddy Program for Kindergarten

Each new Kindergarten student meets their Year Six buddy before they start school during the Kinder Orientation Program. The Year Six buddies guide the Kindergarten students in their first experiences of school. They help their new Kinder friends to grow in confidence and independence in their first year of education.

Year 6 Leaders

Year 6 are responsible for assisting at our school Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country carnivals. This is an opportunity for them to demonstrate leadership skills and make connections with other students from a variety of classes.

Mini Vinnies

Mini Vinnies is a program designed for groups of primary school students who are interested in social justice. Mini Vinnies students get together within their school to help those in need within their school, local or international community. This program is organised and is led by a teacher.