Our School

Our History

Holy Cross Catholic Primary School exists to serve the spiritual and educational needs of the people of Holy Cross Parish, Kincumber.

Holy Cross Catholic Primary School exists to serve spiritual and educational needs of the people of the Catholic Parish of Holy Cross Kincumber.

The school opened in 1991 with approximately 50 students and now has an enrolment of 320 in 13 classes.

Reverend Doctor William Aliprandi was the foundation Priest and a driving force behind all aspects of the community development of the School. He left us with our school motto, “Victory through the Cross”.

Sister Maureen McDermott RSJ was the foundation Principal and, as a Josephite Sister, embedded a spirit of Saint Mary ‘of the Cross’ MacKillop into the life of our school. Today we quote St. Mary of the Cross in our School Expectations by saying “Never see a need without doing something about it”.

The school has undergone major building programs since its inception until 2011. This aspect was captured by Father Kevin Bates, a great friend and mentor to the staff and students at Holy Cross, in the title of our School Song ‘Holy Cross is Growing’.

  • During the years 2002 and 2003 it was certainly apt to say that “Holy Cross is Growing” as we completed the building program which included the refurbishment of all classrooms, the construction of a new Library and an Administration building;
  • major earthworks including retaining walls, a drainage canal, digging up the back of the school to stop flooding of the Saint Joseph’s Centre, playground development and the building of a road.

Early in 2008 work commenced on the Parish’s new church, Holy Spirit Church, which was completed in 2009 and now sits adjacent to the school.

Late In 2009, thanks to the Federal Government’s Building the Education Revolution, work commenced on our school hall which was completed in mid-2010 and has been a wonderful addition to our School facilities.