Teaching & Learning


The aim of Personal Development, Health and Physical Education at HCK is to enable students to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to lead healthy, active and fulfilling lives. Students learn skills to play individual and team sports, and the values of sportsmanship and teamwork. Students have a lesson with our specialist PE teacher each week as well as participating in sport with their class teacher.


  • develop and use self-management skills that enable them to take personal responsibility for their actions and emotions and take positive action to protect and enhance the health, safety and wellbeing of others
  • develop interpersonal skills that enable them to interact effectively and respectfully with others, build and maintain respectful relationships and advocate for their own and others’ health, safety, wellbeing and participation in physical activity
  • move with confidence, competence and creativity within and across various physical activity contexts.” (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education K-6 Syllabus, p.13).