Faith & Mission

The Liturgical Life of Holy Cross

Holy Cross School enjoys a varied and rich liturgical life to celebrate the important moments in our daily lives.

The school aims to nurture and support the faith development of the children by involving them in regular Liturgy and prayer. Each term the students are given the opportunity to celebrate a number of whole School Masses, as well as class/stage Masses in Holy Spirit Church. Students who have received the Sacrament of Reconciliation are given the opportunity to participate in this Sacrament on occasions during the school year.

Each morning at the school assembly, our School Captains lead the school in prayer. The school strives to integrate the values displayed and spoken by Jesus in the Gospels into the life of the school, with the aim that all members of Holy Cross Catholic School will integrate faith into their life and understand their role as Christian disciples.

At our Opening School Mass new families are welcomed into our community and student leaders are blessed and commissioned in their important roles. A feature of our Masses and Liturgies is the appropriate involvement of the students through the various ministries, especially music.

The School Community has the opportunity to celebrate a number of Liturgies and Masses throughout the year including Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Anzac Day, Feast of Mary Mackillop, The Assumption, Feast of the Triumph of the Cross and Mission Week.

Staff members take an active role in the preparation of Masses and Liturgies and they further enhance their own spirituality by joining together to share a prayer session/reflection each Wednesday morning.

Prayer and classroom Liturgies are also a part of who we are at Holy Cross, with teachers and students engaging in prayer on a daily basis as well as deepening their faith and spirituality through their learning experiences in the Religious Education Curriculum.