Student Wellbeing

Covid-19 Wellbeing Resources

Here are some COVID-19 resources that may be helpful to you and your family.


Child and Youth friendly information about COVID-19

COVID-19 and my family (Ages 4-9)

NSW Health created an interactive book to guide families to talk about COVID-19 with children, suitable for ages 4-9.

Download COVID-19 and my family

Emerging minds: Supporting children during the COVID-19 pandemic

Emerging minds is an initiative aimed at enhancing the mental health and emotional wellbeing of Australian infants, children, adolescents and their families. Below is a link to an article, which summarises key messages regarding COVID-19 and children’s mental health including a link to a 30 minute podcast, videos about managing routines during COVID and talking about the virus to children.

Download Emerging Minds: Supporting children during the COVID-19 pandemic

Social Stories explaining COVID-19 to children and young people

Birdie and The Virus

Created by Queensland Perinatal and Infant Mental health for children aged 2-7. A short video and story book about Birdie and friends. The book explores themes of worry and loneliness as Birdie is concerned about the virus and everyone becoming ill. A story about children recovering from the virus.

Birdie and the Virus

Dave the Dog Social Story

A social story created by NHS, UK which explains COVID-19, isolation, importance of hand hygiene and validates anxieties about the virus.

Dave the Dog Social Story

Parent and Carer Resources

Unicef Coronavirus Parenting Tips

UNICEF created a list of downloadable ‘parenting tip’ sheets to provide parents and carers useful information about parenting during the pandemic. These can be translated into several languages.


Blackdog Institute – Coronavirus: Reassuring Your Child About the Unknown

The Blackdog Institute is a medical research institute affiliated with UNSW, providing helpful information about Mental Health and initiatives. Below is a brief article about helping parents and carers validate children’s anxieties relating to COVID-19.


Raising Children Network – COVID-19 Family Guide

The Raising Children’s network is an Australian Parenting website designed to provide information to parents helpful articles, videos and interactive resources to build on social and emotional wellbeing for children and teens to foster resilience. Below is a link to an article specific to COVID-19 and families.


Maggie Dent – Navigating These Crazy, Crappy, Uncertain Times as a Family

Maggie Dent is an Australian parenting author and educator. She has written a number of articles about parenting in the pandemic. There is a link below with an article about navigating parenting during the pandemic. You will find a number of articles and her podcast she hosts ‘Parental As Anything’ on her website.