Student Wellbeing

Pastoral Care

We at Holy Cross believe that all students, their families and staff have the right and responsibility to create and experience a safe, respectful and cooperative learning environment.

Therefore, we implement proactive strategies to teach and support appropriate student behaviours. This maximises students’ learning and helps them self-manage their choices which empowers them to let their light shine. 

We are committed to educating the children in the knowledge and traditions of the Catholic faith. We believe in nurturing a welcoming, caring inclusive community that promotes quality education and a love of learning. Inspired by our motto, ‘Victory Through the Cross’, we commit to empowering children to contribute positively to the school and the wider community through their faith.

Flowing from the Christian vision expressed in the Diocesan Pastoral Care Policy, schools are called to establish relationships which are grounded in love, compassion, reconciliation and justice. 

Our school Behaviour Management Policy takes into account the Diocesan Pastoral Care Policy and the Student Discipline Policy in that our approach to discipline has its basis in our pastoral care for each other – students, staff and parents.  Our school’s Student Management Policy is grounded in our School Values that state:

At Holy Cross Catholic School we believe in

  • Being Disciples of Jesus

  • Respect

  • Cooperation

  • Learning

We believe that Pastoral Care:

  • has the life of Jesus Christ as its focus;

  • is concerned with the dignity and integral growth of the individual;

  • is a responsibility entrusted to all members of the faith community;

  • is a force for healing, reconciliation and liberation, and

  • is an expression of, and commitment to, justice.

(Extract from Diocesan Pastoral Care Policy)