Student Wellbeing

School Counsellor

Holy Cross Catholic Primary School is fortunate to have a School Counsellor who works closely with staff and parents to provide support to all children and families in need of assistance.

Our school counsellor, Samantha Alce is a registered psychologist with experience and skill providing evidenced based psychological intervention and assessment to children, young people and families. She extensive experience working in acute mental health settings, providing assessment and intervention across the lifespan. Most recently her experience has been supporting children in primary and secondary schools providing counselling, education and assessment to the school community.

The school counsellor contributes to student wellbeing by providing specialised psychological assessment, counselling, and intervention services.  The school counsellor works closely with children, their families, and staff to create safe, healthy, and supportive learning environment that strengthens connections between home, school, and the community.  She provides short-term counselling support and mental health assessment service to children in need of assistance. She can also be of assistance with referrals to external providers if required. Samantha will be working at Holy Cross on a Thursday. Samantha is excited to be joining the wonderful community at Holy Cross and supporting our students, families and staff.

The school counselling service is a short term counselling and mental health assessment service for students. The School Counsellor works at a number of Catholic Schools within the Diocese to offer consultations with parents and staff, counselling interventions to support student mental health and assistance with referrals to external providers if required.

Referrals to the school counsellor can be requested by parents following consultation with your child’s classroom teachers and the school Principal. Samantha will then arrange an time to meet with the students parent or carer to discuss your concerns and support options prior to meeting with the student.

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