Our school Futsal teams had been training hard all year in preparation for the regional competition that was held earlier this month. While this was an excellent day for our senior boys team, our junior teams missed out on competing. This was due to low numbers of teams who had signed up for the day. The kids (and teachers!) were devastated to say the least.

Last Friday Holy Cross invited St Patrick’s Primary School East Gosford to come to our school and play a series of Futsal games for our junior teams. St Patrick’s was also affected by the cancellation so both schools thought this was the perfect opportunity for the kids to put their hours of training to good use and connect with our local Catholic School from down the road.

The day was a huge success as the kids enjoyed competing and making new friends throughout the day! Both our boys and girls team had one win and one draw each!


A big thank you to Mr Maxwell for being our referee on the day and Mr Steven Harris from St Patrick’s for helping organise the day.